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Hear why hospital systems are partnering with Evariant to support their marketing and strategy initiatives and some of the results they are achieving.

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We're excited to officially launch the Evariant Ask Eva. blog to showcase our deep and unwavering commitment to proactive healthcare. Learn more about Ask Eva.

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The Evariant Platform combines digital marketing solutions, big data and analytics into a unified platform.

One Enterprise Communication Platform

Comprised of 3 distinct components, the Evariant Healthcare CRM Platform can be uniquely customized to the specific needs of your healthcare organization – both for short and long-term growth.


Data and Analytics

Launch a comprehensive high performance analytics data warehouse with internal and Evariant data to help you make critical, data-driven strategic growth and business decisions.


Response Marketing

Use tools and insights to plan and deploy multi-channel marketing/physician campaigns, track inquiries and attribute clinical and financial outcomes for comprehensive ROI.



Improve patient/physician relationships and loyalty through one-to-one communications using call center, discharge calls, reminded care, online interactions and referrals.

  • “The Evariant platform has allowed us to get a deeper level of understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. The people at Evariant have been invaluable. It’s a difference maker and they have a vested interest in making sure you get the most out of the solution."
    Mark Samber, Manager of Digital Strategy, MUSC Health

  • "Evariant came in and they just blew us away. I saw the possibility of having an integrated platform to not only market to consumers and also do more with our physicians. The possibilities are limitless."
    Carol Marshall, Executive Director, U. of Chicago Medicine



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